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Houston Gamblers Baseball Club 

It's an exciting time to be a Houston Gambler. The 2016/2017 Baseball Season promises to bring new accomplishments and exponential growth to our young organization. The Houston Gamblers Baseball Club hosts teams in 6U, 7U & 8U select baseball. The Gamblers have experienced significant growth in the past two year and will continue to strengthen teams with the addition of new players and coaches to our squads. Our players are consistently groomed in solid technique, core baseball fundamentals and a clear understanding of situational baseball so that they are prepared for tournament baseball.

Our Program

Our program is firmly founded on the principles of strong character building in young boys and teaching life's lessons through the game of baseball. We will exhume class at every game we play. We will always show respect to our opponents, umpires, teammates, coaches and parents without exception. We fully believe that baseball can play a valuable part in a boys confidence and life experiences.  It very is important to us our coaches, parents and players are accountable to a strict code of good sportsmanship and ethics.


Our teams experience highly structured instructional practices with quality repetition to reinforce all the critical skills needed to play a highly technical game at a very competitive level. We require each of our players to be very disciplined and work their baseball skills both on the field and at home on off days. Each of our teams are tryout based and each player must be selected to join our roster. Once a player is offered, the player and parents must maintain the Gambler Code of Conduct in order to continue with the club. We have a very dedicated staff of coaches and provide a positive, challenging environment for our players to grow as young men.   

We Are A Non-Profit Organization

Unlike most select baseball teams, The Houston Gamblers Baseball Club is part of The Houston Gambler Youth Sports Organization making us a fully registered Non-Profit Organization. We are fully focused on the development of our players during their youth to allow them the opportunity to play baseball at higher levels.

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